Saturday, 4 February 2017

I Really Admire Jehovah's Witnesses

... and other door-to-door evangelists.

I just had a couple of JWs visit me. I always cut through the script by asking door-to-door evangelists who they're with. Anyone who won't tell me straight-up I'd shoo off immediately, but people generally are open about it. On hearing they were JWs, I confirmed that they don't believe Jesus is God and asked them what they make of John chapter 1. We fenced amicably about those issues a little bit and I think they decided I wasn't worth their time.

Of course I think JWs are totally wrong about this key doctrine. However, I really admire the zeal and fortitude of anyone who does honest door-to-door evangelism, because I've done just enough of other kinds of evangelism to know how hard it would be. I believe that these people are at least partly motivated by genuine love for the lost. As Penn Jillette observed, if you think you've come across truth that's life-changing for everyone, only a coward or a criminal would fail to evangelize --- though door-to-door may not be the most effective approach.

Regardless, bravo!


  1. Imagine, though, how heartbreaking it would be for them to realize the truth? Having your whole worldview break down from first principles! I experienced it years ago; I hope never again.

    I really admire Christians.

  2. He salido puerta a puerta, creo que la gente no quiere que la convenzan sino que demuestren la vida de Dios en acciones

  3. Do you have time to talk about this great new ISA I've converted to?

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