Saturday, 19 December 2009

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Important Questions

Why in LAX terminal 4 (at least) have the powers that be decided to forbid any standard power outlets and replace them with "charging stations" that are always occupied and that you can't work at?

Up wasn't great. Is Pixar going downhill?

In District 9, why don't the aliens use their super-weapons to rise up against their oppressors? They don't seem to have a problem using them when the plot requires it.

How many Mozillians ordered machines for record-and-replay last week?

Why isn't alligator wrestling offered as an extreme activity?

Has Eric Schmidt lost his mind, or was that just Asa and the EFF?

Why can't men like Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods keep their pants on even when there is so much at stake?

If we make the repainting of scrolled-into-view content asynchronous instead of synchronous, will anybody notice on Windows?