Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Computer Industry T-Shirt Museum

You can tell the story of the computer industry --- in great detail --- through T-shirts. The rise and fall of companies, projects and entire technologies can be tracked through the T-shirts produced to commemorate them. I have a small but fine collection of vintage shirts, including

  • PR1ME
  • CMU Java Day 1996
  • DEC SRC: "Turning theory into practice" (ironic, since they generally failed to do so)
  • IBM: peace, love, Mozilla
  • Mozilla 1.0 (dino head)

There are many classic shirts that I've seen or heard about, such as "The Apple engineer (unknown) has unexpectedly quit" from the inter-Jobsian era. I would love to see a T-shirt museum that captures these T-shirts for posterity and uses them to illustrate --- in a fun, visual way --- the progress of our industry. I'd be happy to donate any of my T-shirts. Why hasn't anyone done this?