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Sunday 16 January 2005


Things have been a bit stressful as the members of our family have taken turns hosting a virus and as we go through the processes of settling down. However, things are great. The weather has been fantastic --- especially by New York standards --- and it's incredible to be able to walk out the door, two blocks past sweet-smelling jacaranda trees and you're at the water's edge. Not to mention Erin Pt Park just a little further away, and downtown Auckland is sensational too, So much to talk about!

One odd thing I've just noticed is how deeply ingrained is my memory of New Zealand brands. At the supermarket I feel misty seeing the likes of Craig's strawberry jam, Tip Top ice cream, and even Diamond spaghetti. It's ridiculous --- and frightening --- just how much of my mental real estate they must have been squatting on all these years.


Hey Rob... your site doesn't seem to load correctly into my internet explorer -- the links and calender stuff is all messed up. Was this intentional?
By the way, how is New Zealand spaghetti?
Robert O'Callahan
Not sure why it wouldn't work in IE, sorry. It's not intentional.
NZ spaghetti is nothing special :-)