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Monday 15 December 2008


I hope someone is archiving these to prevent cheating.


I understand you're posting hashes of interesting blog-posts that you can't yet reveal, but you've been doing it for some time now. When one day you can reveal a thing, will you link back to the original post? Or are you relying on some eternally-hopeful soul to hash every post you make and compare it against this hypothetical archive of Interesting Hashes?
Robert O'Callahan
It will be clear.
I'm sure somebody is...
Eamon Nerbonne
Incidentally the "Preview" button for commenting resets the commenting fields, which is moderately unhandy (I think I just posted without a name?) Oh well!
x ample
maybe we would care if you told us why you were posting them
It will be clear, but when? :-)
Robert Accettura
@Screwtape: hashing roc's blog posts is the only thing I have left in this world. Let it be man.
The first hash posting decodes to "The End is in 2007".
The second hash posting decodes to "The End is in 2008."
This one decodes to "The End is in 2009."
Eventually, after the Rapture, the last one will be revealed and Robert will be considered a genius. Presumably he won't be here to enjoy the accolades, though.