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Thursday 16 April 2020

Have Some Humility, Mike Hosking

Today Mike Hosking is saying that our lockdown was an overreaction.

On March 23 he was saying "If we want to beat Covid-19, shut New Zealand down". "Michael Baker is right, we need to be shutting doors." No concern expressed about overreacting.

March 24, after the lockdown was announced, he wrote: "Thank God we got there in the end". "My only real fear at this point is us." "Being stuck will be fun for some for a while, then it'll be a pain. That's a very small price to pay for, at last, the urgency of this starting to drive decision making."

I do not see anything from Hosking, from then until recently, saying our lockdown was an overreaction.

So it's easy now to look at results in Australia and say maybe what they did was enough. But who could be confident saying that three weeks ago? Not Mike Hosking apparently, and I think not anyone.

Have some humility, Mike Hosking.