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Saturday 28 April 2007


I'm hitting the road again. On Monday night (April 30th) I'm flying to New York. Wednesday I'm visiting Google NY, and giving a couple of talks (one about Firefox, one about Chronicle). Thursday and Friday I'm at IBM Hawthorne at the OOPSLA PC meeting. Saturday I'm meeting friends in Westchester and travelling to Boston (perhaps via the infamous Chinatown Bus). Sunday I'm with friends in Boston. Monday I'm flying to the Bay Area; I should be at the Mozilla office late Monday through to Wednesday (discontinuously!). Thursday and Friday I'm a guest at a retreat for Berkeley's software research community in Santa Cruz. Saturday I'm with friends and then flying back to Auckland, arriving early Monday morning Auckland time, the 14th of May.

I will be online at least sporadically most days and trying to get as much work done as I can.