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Thursday 18 August 2011

New Mozilla Auckland Office Is Live!

On Wednesday we moved into the new Mozilla Auckland office! For about a week the only thing holding us back was getting Internet access hooked up. Once that happened around 4pm Wednesday, we lost no time in shifting over our most important gear (laptops and monitors of course). Carrying all that gear through the streets of Newmarket, I'm glad we didn't start a riot. We capped off an exciting day with a "pizza and Settlers" evening in the office.

The new office is very close to the old office. It's on the 7th floor of 5 Short St, Newmarket. This is the top of one of the tallest buildings in Newmarket so we have great views! We can see the Hauraki Gulf, Rangitoto Island, Motutapu Island, Motuihe Island, Waiheke Island and Browns Island, and Coromandel (including Moehau Range and Castle Rock); Bastion Point, Tamaki Drive, Hobson Bay, Kepa Bush, Thomas Bloodworth Park and Outhwaite Park; the Hunua Ranges; Mt Wellington, Mt Hobson, Mt Eden, One Tree Hill and trees of the Domain; Lumsden Green, Broadway (all the way to Parnell), Khyber Pass, Short St, Kingdon St, Shore Rd and the railway; Auckland Hospital, the Sky Tower, Auckland Grammar School, and the old Dominion Brewery; and of course large tracts of Remuera, Mt Eden and Newmarket. OK, you have to squint to see some of those :-). You can see six volcanic cones in all (not counting the Moehaus which are a much older volcanic range). The downside is that now I have to resist staring out the window wishing I was outdoors :-).

We have great new facilities: more desks, work tables, an eating area, a much better kitchenette, a decent-size meeting room and two smaller meeting rooms. The network is already better than the old office's and will get better still when it's upgraded next month. With these facilities we will be able to do more --- hire more people, host more visitors, host meetings of 30 people or more, and hopefully get more work done!

To all friends of Mozilla in Auckland or passing through: please stop by and check it out! At some point --- hopefully soon --- I want to organize an official "open day" event for the public where we can talk about our work and Mozilla.

Enormous thanks to the Mozilla team that put all this together, especially Karl Tomlinson who has been very busy handling the local arrangements! The Stack design team has also done a great job.


Robert Accettura
Beautiful. Love the large Firefox logo in the background of the last picture. When you have an iconic logo, it's great to have it in the design like that.
Stephanie Sicore
Yay! That's more like it. Congratulations, Roc. :)
Alex Bishop
“Carrying all that gear through the streets of Newmarket, I'm glad we didn't start a riot.” Not funny. — Resident of London
Hey Robert Chrises mate Sarah here could you e-mail me please? rheetkd@gmail.com
Alissa B
Your new office looks great! Anyone would love to work there. In my case, I work from a virtual office so I won't have to bother about these things.
How do I send an email to Firefox Mozilla regional office. Which as a resident of Sydney Australia is the N.Z Auckland office. The website has postal/street address but no direct email. I want Firefox on my ipad2. But the whole box and dice confuses the shit out of me. I just downloaded foxbrowser and found the opening page so confusing I couldn't open it. I have no idea what to download in Apps to link it all together. It is very confusing. I am also bloody confused about the cloud and the thousands of apps that link it all together. Quite frankly it all shits me. I am near done with the lot. Please give me for Gods sake an email address I can simply send a question to. Not some damn link to a community forum of users, screw that. mrkenneththorpe@gmail.com
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