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Monday 3 October 2016

rr Paper: "Lightweight User-Space Record And Replay"

Earlier this year we submitted the paper Lightweight User-Space Record And Replay to an academic conference. Reviews were all over the map, but ultimately the paper was rejected, mainly on the contention that most of the key techniques have (individually) been presented in other papers. Anyway, it's probably the best introduction to how rr works and how it performs that we currently have, so I want to make it available now in the hope that it's interesting to people.

Update The paper is now available on arXiv.


Cool! You should maybe post it to arxiv, both for archival and so there's a canonical way to cite it. I'm sure it will get cited :-)
Unfortunately, since I have no institutional affiliation at present, arxiv wants me to get an endorser and I have no idea who I know who is an arxiv endorser. Are you? :-)