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Monday 3 January 2011

Interannual Status

We're enjoying magnificent summer weather at the moment --- cool in the shade, hot in the sun; great times to be in the bush or at the beach. Last week I was staying up near the beach doing some work and taking some time off, doing some iterations of "push to try, go surfing, analyze results". On Saturday we did the Montana Heritage Trail in the Waitakere bush with friends and neighbours ... supposed to take four hours, but the kids set a cracking pace and we did it in three. Yesterday we went to Cornwallis and did some walks along the beach and up to the Maclachlan Monument (great views) followed by yummy Shanghainese food at the corner of Balmoral and Dominion Road.

I'm planning to work Monday and Tuesday this week and then we'll probably be off on the boat for five days, completely offline until the following Monday (Jan 8). I plan to take days off on January 20-21 (Thursday/Friday) to do the Tongariro Crossing with some family members, and also February 4 and 7 to tramp out to the end of Cape Brett and back over that weekend. Possibly I might take another day or two off if an irresistible outdoor activity comes up :-).