Eyes Above The Waves

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Friday 21 January 2005


In previous days I walked down College Hill or through the back streets of St Mary's Bay and then through Victoria Park to the Viaduct Basin where I work. This morning I had some extra time and decided to try Westhaven Marina and the harbour foreshore. In the still, early morning, it was sublime. Words can hardly do it justice. Small things caught my attention: kayakers near a small island, roiling shallows where predators chased bait fish, shags diving, the reflection of clouds in the water. All quiet, all cool, all bathed in early light. Thanks to you, o Lord.

In fact the waterside route appears to be as fast as the inland routes (about 30 minutes), perhaps because it has almost no traffic lights. I'm looking forward to walking it regularly.


Thanks Rob, now I know that whenever I feel the need to stir some homesickness I know where to come to make myself feel worse!
I'm having trouble accessing http://ocallahan.org/mozilla/renderer.html. I hope it's coming back.
Despite living in that area for so many years I never actually walked that route to town. Looking forward to trying it for the first time!
Robert O'Callahan
I'm not sure what to do with the stuff that was at ocallahan.org. I still have the files. I'll find a place for it.
Robert O'Callahan
Patrick, that's abombinable!