Saturday, 7 January 2012

Risk Tolerance

Wise words:

John McGlashan principal Michael Corkery said: "He was doing what every kid should be doing, playing with his friends in a river."

Everybody had done everything right, but Dion still died.

"It was just a tragedy, and tragedies happen. Life sometimes deals out bad luck but we have to get on with it. We'll never forget him."

Too often, people respond to a child's tragic death by setting up a pressure group, foundation or new law to Make Sure This Never Happens Again.


  1. Rob,

    What do you think of the "Free range kids" movement?

    Does it accord with your philosophy of risk?

  2. I haven't seen that site before, but I like it!

  3. Damn the rivers.
    I'm sure we'll have better luck with lakes.

  4. I always find it ironic that these unlikely tragedies garner more attention than the very pedestrian occurrence of kids being killed in and by cars. It's not that society has a low risk tolerance. It just has a very bizarre sense of what is a risk.