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Monday 5 August 2013

Mozilla Engineering Culture Talk Now Online

At the Mozilla "Web Rendering" work week in Taipei in May, I led a discussion of "Mozilla (really, Gecko) engineering culture". This was partly for the benefit of all the new developers in Taiwan but I think it was interesting for many of the old hands too. The talk is now available on Air Mozilla. It's excruciating to watch myself talk, but people may find it interesting.

It wasn't initially intended for public consumption, but after reviewing it I thought "why not?". So it's a pretty honest snapshot of Mozilla developers explaining what we do.


Good talk! avih
Interesting talk; seems like a large part applies to non-MoCo people too, but not all (jumping on IRC to ask before spending too much on patches doesn't work nearly as well for people who do things mostly on weekends, for example).
Australasians and Asians are online when it's Sunday in the Americas. Americans are online when it's Saturday in Australasia and Asia :-).
Hello! I know this is going to seem totally random but I'm a student at UC Berkeley in California and have been looking into working at Mozilla and am particularly keen on going to the New Zealand office. Through searching for more information about it I came to your blog and was wondering if I could ask you some questions about it. I couldn't find your email online, so I hope it's okay that I comment here! My e-mail is yermakova.valeria@gmail.com Sorry for the randomness and thanks for reading this, Valeria