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Sunday 31 August 2008

Kitekite Falls

On Saturday we took advantage of a predicted break in the weather to head out to the west coast (an hour's drive each way) --- we hadn't been out there for a while. At Piha there was a stiff breeze and some spots of rain, so not a lot of people about, but nonetheless we had a great time. There was big surf and the offshore wind was whipping the tops off the waves most spectacularly. We mucked around on the beach at the foot of Lion Rock and then went back to the Glen Esk Road carpark to walk to Kitekite Falls.

I don't recall ever doing that walk before, and I was most impressed. It's a lovely walk, just half an hour each way beside the Glen Esk stream, and the falls are spectacular. I can't believe we've been to Piha so many times and not seen them! The track was in great condition even after all the rain we've had. The only problem was that to close the loop you have to cross the stream at the base of the falls. It's narrow so I think normally you can step or jump, but the water was running high so we had to cross on a judiciously placed log. It did add some excitement.

Piha beach, nearly deserted

Kitekite Falls


It is indeed a beautiful country Robert, only have been there once on my many journeys but I'm definitely flying over there again.
Very nice to see these pictures.