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Saturday 28 July 2007

Upcoming Events

A few upcoming events:

  • Friday August 3 (that's next week!) I'm signed up to give a Software Engineering Seminar at Auckland University. I'm going to talk about Chronicle and give a demo of the new UI I've been developing. That gives me an incentive to finish off the last couple of killer features, after which I promise to release it! And blog about it of course :-).
  • Tuesday August 7 I'm visiting the University of Otago and giving a guest lecture in a class on object-oriented programming and UI. I'll be talking about "Developing Firefox": why we do it, why it's hard, how we do it, what works, what doesn't, what we might change, and how people can help us do it. I'll be flying down to Dunedin for the day.
  • Sunday August 12 to Friday August 19 I'll be in Mountain View, primarily for the MoCo all-hands meeting. Should be fun. On Monday the 13th I'm planning to visit VMWare to catch up with a couple of friends and give the Chronicle talk.

Fun times. My not-very-hidden agenda with the university visits is to remind people that the Mozilla team is here and hiring...


Will you be giving a talk on Chronicle that is open to public while you are in the bay area?
Robert O'Callahan
No. I'll probably give a talk at a university there some time.
David Xie
Hi Robert, I am a students from Otago doing COSC346. Great news to hear that you are coming down...looking forwards to your lecture. c u on Tuesday :)