Eyes Above The Waves

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Wednesday 23 February 2005

Just Swell

This is another photo from our trip in the Bay of Islands. A storm far out in the Pacific was sending 3 to 3.5 metre high swells into exposed areas which we had to pass through. ("Swell" means widely spaced but large ocean waves.) We were basically fine and in no significant danger, but it's disturbing to be in the trough with your head below the crest of the next oncoming wave, so you can't see beyond this rising mass of water in front of you. This photo shows the top of the wave above the horizon, but I guess it's one of those things that's hard to capture in a static frame.

A couple of weeks ago two big tropical storms (hurricanes) passed over islands in the South Pacific. Six fishermen were caught in the open, their boat was smashed, and they spent 24 hours clinging to wreckage before they were rescued, in waves estimated to be up to fifteen metres high. It boggles my mind. Once again it's humbling to consider what other people have endured.