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Friday 5 July 2013

Contributing Advocacy

Sometimes we make changes that are strongly justified but inevitably annoy some of our users. The Firefox 22 change to be aware of UI scaling on Windows is a good example. Some of the most helpful contributions I've see from community members recently are patient explanations to complaining users why we made changes and what they can do about it. I'm particularly thankful because interacting with upset users is draining for me --- I need to save my emotional energy for interactions on Web standards mailing lists :-).

The same goes for our volunteers who work with Web developers. Thanks to all of you. Please keep it up!


Very well said. I wonder what this means to our decision model as whole; does that in turn stop the decision makers from hearing the criticism at large, given the fact we have an army of community members station around them to amplify whatever rationale of a decision?
I hope not. We still see feedback coming through Bugzilla, for example; we just don't have to answer it :-).