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Saturday 1 October 2016

rr 4.4.0 Released

I just pushed out the release of rr 4.4.0. It's mostly the usual reliability and syscall coverage improvements. There are a few highlights:

  • Releases are now built with CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release. This significantly improves performance on some workloads.
  • We support recording and replaying Chromium-based applications, e.g. chromium-browser and google-chrome. One significant issue was that Chromium (via SQLite) requires writes performed by syscalls to be synced automatically with memory-maps of the same file, even though this is technically not required by POSIX. Another significant issue is that Chromium spawns a Linux task with an invalid TLS area, so we had to ensure rr's injected preload library does not depend on working glibc TLS.
  • We support Linux 4.8 kernels. This was a significant amount of work because in 4.8, PTRACE_SYSCALL notifications moved to being delivered before seccomp notifications instead of afterward. (It's a good change, though, because as well as fixing a security hole, it also improves rr recording performance; the number of ptrace notifications for each ptrace-recorded syscall decreases from 3 to 2.) This also uncovered a serious (to rr) kernel bug with missing PTRACE_EVENT_EXIT notifications, which fortunately we were able to get fixed upstream (thanks to Kees Cook).
  • Keno Fischer contributed some nice performance improvements to the "slow path" where we are forced to context-switch between tracees and rr.
  • Tom Tromey contributed support for accessing thread-local variables while debugging during replay. This is notable because the "API" glibc exports for this is ghastly.