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Monday 5 May 2008

Don't Stop On The Freeway

Google Maps' directions from the Wild Palms hotel to Mozilla end like a Neal Stephenson novel.

Is Google trying to kill us?


They're killing off the Mozilla developers before they announce the rumoured Firefox-fork Google Browser, so they have no competition :-)
Gary Kwong
I had that "issue" of ending up in the middle of 101 as well, so I always resorted to typing in "Charleston Road Mountain View" instead of "1981 Landings Drive Mountain View" whenever I head to or from the office.
Little nit, I know. (o.0)
Jeff Walden
The way this displays in your blog, with columns and all, at first made me think this was some esoteric form of post-modernist poetry. :-P
Al Billings
Yeah, this came up recently in the office. We realized that the fact that we're about 50 yards from the freeway seems to confuse Google Maps.
Håkan W
I would take that as a bad omen. Maybe just take the bus today? ;-)
Robert Kaiser
I had to laugh at this as well when I went there recently - moving the Second point right to the actual building (to the right) helps to find out the real route. Of course, everything looks different on the ground when you come there - just like everywhere else ;-)
Dave Miller
It's because Google lets people edit the markers if they're wrong and someone edited it. It used to end on Landings Drive in front of the complex.
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Google - another one warrior in the browser's war. I wonder what will be the move of FF.