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Monday 5 February 2007

Mozilla In Auckland

Now that Chris Double has decloaked, I pleased to be able to report that he's the first local developer (other than me of course) to be contracted by the Mozilla Corporation. I'm really excited to see this happening. I've really enjoyed working with Chris so far. We're working out of a room of my house right now but I have signed a short-term lease on an office for us in the the city.

Chris is working on porting Zimbra to use our offline support --- both to get a compelling demo going, and also to test out our offline model. He's already found a few issues (which we've fixed).

I'm not sure how big or how fast we'll grow here in Auckland, but we definitely expect to get at least a little bigger shortly. It will partly depend on finding the right people --- or them finding me!


Colin Coghill
Excellent to hear.
Lets hope you continue to find good people.
- Colin
So, when can we expect Mozilla's inaugural Auckland office party? :)
Helen Baxter
There are some incredibly talented people in New Zealand, so it's great that you've set up a Mozilla basecamp here. I'm an old skool Netscape girl from back in the day so am looking forward to Firefox 3. Happy coding!