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Thursday 3 July 2008


Firefox start page with reflection


Woohoo! Show us the code, show us the code! Is it SVG filters on an iframe?
Blair McBride
Is this running with or without extra privileges?
And whats the performance like? I know any type of rotation gets a bit... slow.
SVG filters applied to XHTML? :)
Michael K.
Ooh.. scrollbar and everything. Is this part of your SVG effects through CSS work?
Christopher Blizzard
But is it fast?
Matt Sayler
so... what are we seeing here?
Thomas Stache
You should update your Greasemonkey ;-)
How did do?
sweet! is that got 3.1? ;)
Wladimir Palant
Canvas? If so, could you share the code? I wrote something similar - but I'm not a graphics expert, and my code to do reflections seems rather clumsy (couldn't find any usable examples). You probably found a much better solution. Anyway, here is my code: http://pastebin.com/m149fbea9
/me hopes for even more fun when Greasemonkey is smiling too.
Now apply a rippling water effect to the reflection ...
Then simulate a something landing in the water animating ripples outwards :)
Greg Marine
I've developed a teleprompter application using Mozilla technology. Some of my users are asking for the mirror affect. Do you mind sharing your code so that I might be able to mirror the text? Nice job!
God Bless <><
Greg Marine
Robert O'Callahan
I'm pretty sure the features behind this will be in the next Gecko release.
How is this different than reflection.js: http://cow.neondragon.net/stuff/reflection/
Can you give us at least a little hint as to what's doing the reflection?
an0n1 m0us
Reflections are the animated gifs of this decade.
Useless and rapidly becoming annoying.
The next phase will be saturation, the backlash and then for several years no serious designer will go near them until finally someone might start using them in a subtle manner and in a use case where they actually add value to a site.
That's the full circle of a web design trend. Do we really have to wait years and waste hours of browser developer time on this 'bling' when there are surely more important things to do - like providing a decent text-editing enviroment for the web?
Robert O'Callahan
Hanspeter: See the latest updates to my blog, in particular http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/roc/archives/2008/07/the_latest_feat.html. Stuff like reflection.js can only flip an image and will not handle a whole element subtree, let alone handle dynamic updates to that subtree or effects like focus rings or the text caret.
an0n1, you can make your own text editing environment pretty well with the latest Firefox 3 (and older IEs). You can turn on edit mode in arbitrary divs and actually watch keyboard (and clipboard) events. I prototyped some stuff a while back, and I think it's doable.
What happens when 2 elements reflect eachother :P