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Tuesday 1 August 2006

Sweet Sorrow

My trip's almost over and I'm sitting in a hot, dingy New York motel room mulling it over.

Overall it's been wonderful. So many old friends and new friends, so much fun, so much talking, so many ideas, so many places, it's thrilling.

But my heart is heavy... These New York days and hot summer nights, cicadas in the trees, the IBM lab, waiting at the familiar North White Plains station, walking again on our old street with our old house, and spending time with dearly loved friends, they bring back such strong memories --- some two years old, some ten. Good memories. I wish we could have stayed here forever with snow and trains and fireflies.

But then there are other friends who I love just as much, in Boston and Pittsburgh and California. I want to be with them too, while we can still pretend we're young. I'm so glad --- and sad --- to have spent a little time with some of them in the last few weeks.

Most of all I want to be back in Auckland with my family and friends, and back at work doing what needs to be done. God willing, in a couple of days I will be.

How maudlin. I need to ride out this nostalgia and thank God for all my friends and every moment I have with them, making the most of the time. Anyway, to all of my friends out there --- thanks, you mean so much to me.