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Sunday 28 October 2018

Auckland Half Marathon 2018

This morning I ran the Auckland Half Marathon, for the sixth year in a row, fifth year barefoot. I got my best time ever: official time 1:45:07, net time 1:44:35. I had to push hard, and I've been sore all day! Glad to get under 1:45 net.

Last year I applied climbing tape to the balls of my feet to avoid the skin wearing through. Unfortunately I lost that tape and forgot to get more, so I tried some small patches of duct tape but they came off very early in the race. Nevertheless my feet held up pretty well, perhaps because I've been running more consistently during the year and perhaps because my feet are gradually toughening up year after year. The road was wet today because it rained overnight, but I can't tell whether that is better or worse for me.


Felicitaciones. Por que descalzo?