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Saturday 23 December 2006


Someone on IRC asked about the pohutukawas flowering. The pohutukawa is a native tree that produces beautiful red flowers in December --- very apt for Christmas. The Internet has thousands of photos of flowering pohutukawas; here's mine.

Update I forgot to mention --- this photo was taken in Shakespear Regional Park, yesterday (i.e. Saturday). We drove up with some friends, had a picnic, and did the Tiri Tiri Track loop in about two hours. It was magnificent.



They also produce copious amounts of a very irritant pollen, a kind of poor man's itching powder, which led me to nickname them "Pollutokawa" as a teenager.
Robert Accettura
Wow! All we've got here is... well pretty much brown dead-looking plants for the most part.
My kiwi roomate in Mountain View got exceedingly excited when he noticed one of these in my apartment complex that I was moving out of. Now I understand why.
HAe there
ThaT Is A GrEaT PHoTo.
WiTh The DULl COlOuRs in The BaCk GrOuNd It MaKes The TrEe StAnd Out GoOD