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Sunday 1 November 2020

Auckland Half Marathon 2020

I did the Auckland Half Marathon again this year. There were 4600 runners in the Half Marathon this year, a little down on the 5200 last year, but not bad given the COVID pandemic happening elsewhere and our borders being closed.

I did around 1:48. I pushed myself pretty hard this year and unlike some previous years I don't think I could realistically have pushed harder, but still didn't hit my personal best — and I'm a bit more sore than in previous years too. Some of that is no doubt just me getting older, but it may be partly due to residual tiredness having done the Pouakai Circuit last weekend. Also, it might be overall faster for me to walk rather than run up the Harbour Bridge, though it feels more satisfying to have run the whole way.

Anyway, despite my sore legs and feet, I am pleased I did my best.