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Monday 19 May 2008

Well, I'm Back Again

I arrived back in New Zealand this morning after a very smooth flight. I watched a couple of movies and slept for several hours with no effort --- thanks God.

Overall it was a great trip. I got to catch up with old friends, including some unexpected visitors to the Bay Area. The time at Mozilla was very productive --- I think it was a good idea to pre-organize some meetings. I got to visit Stanford, for a change. And the OSQ retreat was fantastic, although I felt that I didn't have much new to contribute since my attendance last year --- especially since I gave two talks at Berkeley in January.

It's great to be home though. The more I travel, the more I appreciate being here in Auckland. Even the small routines of daily life with my family seem like special blessings after I get back. Now I can settle down for a solid couple of months of work and play before the Firefox summit in July.

My in-flight movie summary:

  • There Will Be Blood
    I love Daniel Day-Lewis and he was great in this movie, but despite a lot of great moments it just didn't hold together for me.
  • I Am Legend
  • Awake
    Remarkably good considering Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen are in it. I just like twisty thrillers.
  • American Gangster
    Good genre piece.
  • Batman Begins
    Absolute rubbish. Christopher Nolan should be ashamed of himself. Not nearly as good as the first Batman movie.


Still no in-flight browsing? What a pity. MoCo should take it in the cross-hair with embedded Firefox, get contracted with Boeing and Airbus (hi Mitchell). You would prefer the awesomeness to these Hollywood craps then.
Chris Cunningham
Awesome. I've finally found the other person that doesn't like Batman Begins.
- Chris
"Not nearly as good as the first Batman movie."
By "the first Batman movie" do you mean the one with Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton?
"Batman Begins" was better for mine.
I haven't seen the newest one with heath Ledger though.
Robert O'Callahan
Jeff: yeah, I mean the one with Jack Nicholson. You're welcome to your opinion, even though it's wrong :-).
Imagine Reason
As an atheist, it was nice to see an atheist in "I Am Legend," even if he had to utter the inevitable "there may be something out there after all" line, which, of course, everyone can agree with.
Neville didn't go out an atheist. :-)
Not only that, the theist followed her divine directions to the salvation of the human race.