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Saturday 15 October 2016

Tawharanui Revisited

Today I visited Tawharanui peninsula again with some friends and family. The weather wasn't great --- it was a bit wet, windy and cold at times --- but it was still a good trip.

Tawharanui is protected by a predator-proof fence, and has populations of some of NZ's endangered native birds. We were lucky enough to see some North Island saddlebacks.

At a lookout at the end of the peninsula we could see a number of extremely large "lion's mane" jellyfish in the water. These have also been washing up further north recently. My parental vanity was gratified by my children immediately recalling the Sherlock Holmes story The Adventure Of The Lion's Mane.


Mark Thomson
One of my favorite places. I visit often when I'm in the country during the summer. The loop out to the end and back around the south coast is a great workout.