Eyes Above The Waves

Robert O'Callahan. Christian. Repatriate Kiwi. Hacker.

Monday 1 February 2016

Kepler Track

Two weeks ago I spent four days walking the Kepler Track in the South Island with my kids and a friend. It is, as advertised, a "great walk". We had excellent weather, with scarcely a drop of rain --- unusual in Fiordland. There was a lot of cloud, but it worked out well for us: on all days but the second, we were below the clouds, and we spent most of the second day above the clouds, with spectacular views of many mountain-tops rising above a white fluffy ocean. There's a nice variety of terrain --- lakes Te Anau and Manapouri (surrounded by mountains), lots of walking beside streams and rivers, different kinds of forest, and alpine tussock ascending into barren rocky peaks. The Luxmore Cave is also definitely worth a visit, though we were too timid to descend far into it. Bring two lights per person in case one goes out!