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Saturday 28 July 2007

Ozzie Oddity

Fairly standard Microsoft press conference contains one very odd quote from Ray Ozzie:

Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie, who spearheads Microsoft's push into Web services, argued that leading-edge technologies began with consumers. Microsoft's access to consumers gave it a leg up over rivals focused on serving corporations and large organisations, he said.

Who are Microsoft's key rivals? Apple, Google, maybe Yahoo, maybe Adobe, maybe even Mozilla ... all far more end-user focused and less enterprise-oriented than Microsoft. So what is Ozzie talking about? IBM? Surely that's not who Microsoft fear.

I found this comment particularly ironic since Microsoft tends to favour the interests of enterprise customers over other users, e.g. in the timing of IE updates.


Mark Dowling
This may be why Ozzie and MS worry about IBM
Hello, I just was browsing your article found here:
Well, the svg example doesn't work when I copy it into a new document and then load it with Firefox. Can you advice on how I might go about accomplishing the goal of including svg into an xhtml document in the manner you demonstrate? Thank you.
Perhaps he was comparing to Oracle and their ilk?