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Monday 16 April 2007

MoCo All-Hands

The MoCo all-hands meeting last week was tons of fun, as expected. Like the Firefox Summit last year, I really appreciated being exposed to the scope of activities beyond my immediate horizon. This time I really enjoyed having other NZ team members around!

One thing that emerged from discussions at the meeting is that we will not be targeting the compositor work for Gecko 1.9/Firefox 3. It's too risky given that I will have to spend considerable time working on text bugs up to the release. I think this is the right decision, but the downside is that some important bugs will not be fixed for Firefox 3. In particular, the ability to place chrome over content will not be enabled.

Air New Zealand has upgraded their entertainment system on the 777s that run between Auckland and San Francisco. They now have over 50 movies available. Since I don't get to see movies much (it's expensive when you include babysitting), I took the chance to catch up a bit:

  • The Prestige: Excellent. Slightly disturbing, highly recommended.
  • The Departed: Excellent cops-and-robbers genre piece. Highly recommended.
  • The Last King Of Scotland: Excellent. Quite disturbing, mostly in a good way. Recommended.
  • Pan's Labyrinth: Excellent. Even more disturbing. Lukewarmly recommended. The trailers I saw highlighted the fantasy bits and left out the torture and murder; I don't know if I'd have bothered watching it if I'd had more accurate expectations.
  • Crank: Stupid.
  • Tenacious D: Really stupid. Also, less funny than an average Buffy episode.
  • All Blacks vs Australia, June 2000: All Blacks score three tries in the first five minutes. Australia scores four tries during the rest of the first half to equalize. I won't tell you how it ends. Two great teams at the top of their games --- the best rugby game I've ever seen.


Michael V.
"...the ability to place chrome over content will not be enabled."
So how will the anti-phishing UI be fixed?
Robert O'Callahan
It will have to continue using the current awful hack.