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Thursday 3 October 2013

Travel Madness

I am currently in the middle of the most intense travel burden that I have ever experienced. In the week starting September the 8th I was in California for the LEAD leadership training program. Then I was home for two weeks before flying to Toronto for 8 days for the Mozilla Summit. After that I'll be home for a week and a half before flying to Paris for the "Web rendering" work week. After that I'll be home for a week before flying to California again for LEAD.

I know a lot of people fly more frequently than this, even at Mozilla, but for me this is extraordinary. Also, because I live in New Zealand, the distance of these trips is especially great. For the nine weeks starting September 8, my average speed is over 65 kilometres per hour.

I still like travel! It's fun to visit different places and people. The problem with travel is that it takes me away from my family, my closest friends, and my church. It's not good for the environment either. Also I don't sleep all that well when I'm travelling. I'm not sure why; I think it's not so much jet lag as being away from the comforts of home, and tending to be too busy to do my normal work, so trying to catch up on my normal work at nights.

Fortunately this will come to an end soon. LEAD ends this year so next year I can expect things to return more or less to normal.


I read your blog with sensitive care, it’s a very nice post, and I want to tell you about your during travel difficulties, it’s a so nice moment for your learning because you are at this time a learner, and that’s time is not so far, you are continue your travel and face these difficulties with new humble and new spirit, you are a best leader in your life. Because difficulties are a best teacher of your life. Best of luck for your next trip.
Yes, you are right it is difficult to stay away from family and friends. But travel is a fun for many people. I also love traveling i have been visited a lot of beautiful countries of the world. Next i am planning a hawaii trip in summer. If you have any information about that region please let me know.
I agree with both of you friends! Ashwin for you I have some information that I personally collected last year with my family. Hawaii has a multi-racial, multi-ethnic culture. Its society is a melting pot of the various races that have made their way to the islands such as: the Polynesians, the Caucasians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Filipinos and many more. They are all very loving and hospitable persons. Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, is the place to stay for a Hawaii family vacation.
Recently I have just come back from Niagara Falls tour and went there alone. I also missed my family there. Definitely to stay away from family and friends is difficult but it doesn't mean we should avoid travel. Travelling is a great source of entertainment. As well as; it is also a source of knowledge about other cities or countries, their cultures, traditions, lifestyles and their people. I believe that travelling and tourism is all about learning and outdoor fun.
Discussion going well all members share very helpful information for travelers. I am also a tourist and travel is my passion. I want to see the beautiful and attractive places of the world. You members tell me about some historical places that are best to visit with family? Because I want to go on a trip in vacations with my family.