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Sunday 23 March 2014

Mozilla And The Silicon Valley Cartel

This article, while overblown (e.g. I don't think "no cold calls" agreements are much of a problem), is an interesting read, especially the court exhibits attached at the end. One interesting fact is that Mozilla does not appear on any of Google's do-not-call lists --- yay us! (I can confirm first-hand that Mozilla people have been relentlessly cold-emailed by Google over the years. They stopped contacting me after I told them not to even bother trying until they open a development office in New Zealand.)

Exhibit 1871 is also very interesting since it appears the trigger that caused Steve Jobs to fly off the handle (which in turn led to the collusion at the heart of the court case) was Ben Goodger referring members of the Safari team for recruitment by Google, at least one of whom was formerly from Mozilla.


Michael(tm) Smith
Despite the "Redacated", from the "he was the primary contributor to Zuel" reference, it's obvious of course who they're talking about. You'd think they would have redacted that part as well. But I guess the "he has a long history with Mozilla" part also makes it pretty obvious.