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Monday 21 November 2011


Tomorrow I'll be speaking at ITEX, giving a similar talk to my one at Web Directions South about the current challenges to the open Web. I'll need to update it a bit to cover the recent Flash announcement, but the message is unchanged: the world of open Web standards has overcome some challenges (the threat of plugins, browser stagnation) and is evolving rapidly in terms of functionality and reach, but faces even greater challenges: proprietary mobile platforms, and platforms that are based on Web technology but find other ways to lock users in (e.g. browser-specific apps and app stores as found in Chrome and Windows 8).

Also, I'm going to TVNZ early tomorrow morning for a short interview on their Business Breakfast show, talking about some of that. It should screen around 6:05am so even if I have a Rick Perry moment I expect only a dozen people or so will be watching.


For those of us who like to sleep in, it looks like the show will be available for streaming on TVNZ's website later in the day.