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Thursday 4 March 2021

What Would Jesus Do ... About Vaccination?

My thoughts about COVID19 vaccination as a Christian are pretty simple (assuming the Pfizer vaccine or something similar):

  • Is it safe for me?
    Yes. I'm not known to be allergic to vaccine components or immunologically compromised, and the safety data is solid.
  • If I get exposed to COVID19, will the vaccine stop me from getting infected and passing it on to people around me?
    Yes, almost certainly per the data.
  • Knowing this, if I chose to not get vaccinated, caught COVID19, and infected people around me with COVID19, would I have disobeyed Jesus' command to love my neighbour?
  • Is there any other way I can ensure I won't catch COVID19 and infect others?
  • Are there any countervailing ethical issues with taking the vaccine?
    No. None of the vaccines on offer are closely connected to abortion.

Thus it is pretty clearly God's will for me to be vaccinated.


Same goes for the influenza vaccine, I guess. I'm not sure that this line of reasoning is valid. It might be. Perhaps as Christians it really is our obligation to be vaccinated, as you say. But I'm not sure. It doesn't feel right.