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Monday 14 December 2009

Important Questions

Why in LAX terminal 4 (at least) have the powers that be decided to forbid any standard power outlets and replace them with "charging stations" that are always occupied and that you can't work at?

Up wasn't great. Is Pixar going downhill?

In District 9, why don't the aliens use their super-weapons to rise up against their oppressors? They don't seem to have a problem using them when the plot requires it.

How many Mozillians ordered machines for record-and-replay last week?

Why isn't alligator wrestling offered as an extreme activity?

Has Eric Schmidt lost his mind, or was that just Asa and the EFF?

Why can't men like Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods keep their pants on even when there is so much at stake?

If we make the repainting of scrolled-into-view content asynchronous instead of synchronous, will anybody notice on Windows?


Omega X
Is that last question a hint at Compositor: Phase 2?
Really, you didn't like Up? I thought it was deeply touching. Sure there were moments that were more silly and perhaps jarred slightly in juxtaposition with the underlying tenderness. But overall it was one of my favourite Pixar movies.
In any case it is silly to speculate on the basis of a single film. Arguably Cars wasn't as good as Finding Nemo or Monster's Inc.. But Wall-E was undoubtedly up to their standards.
I found that district 9 raises way more questions.
Who is Christopher ? Why hasn't he sought human help as they want the same thing (the prawns' return) ? Why haven't the humans tried to find someone responsible, like Christopher ? If that liquid can turn a human into a prawn, were the prawns human once ? ...
I can only hope they will be answered in a sequel.
> Up wasn't great. Is Pixar going downhill?
You seem to be pretty alone with that view: http://www.imdb.com/chart/top?tt1049413 #68
> Why can't men like Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods keep their pants on even when there is so much at stake?
Why should they?
Robert O'Callahan
Because if you make a promise, you should keep it. Because if your sponsors, and the game of golf itself, have been generous to you, you shouldn't let them down. Because if you're the President of the United States, you have a duty to avoid anything that might impede your ability to do your job.
I'm not saying Up was bad, indeed parts of it --- especially the opening sequence --- were great, but there were just times when I felt bored, and that never happened to me in a Pixar film before.
Terminal 4 still has a moderate number of normal power outlets as well as the charging stations. I was plugged in for a couple of hours on my layover.
Robert O'Callahan
A: Rumor has it that sexual congress with another person leading to orgasm is stupendously pleasurable.
Umm, OK. Lets give it a go:
1/ LAX is a hellhole. I'm almost certain it's intentionally designed that way, as SFO is positively nice in comparison.
2/ I thought Up was great. The bit about losing dreams but finding happiness in your everyday life was perhaps as touching a sentiment as Pixar has managed yet. Certainly as good, if not better, than the original Toy Story.
3/ Partly the lack of organisation and their condition on arrival, and partly the more extreme stratification of their society. They seemed, for the most part, fairly aimless, with one or two exceptions, like Christopher.
4/ That I don't know.
5/ A friend's ex was an alligator-wrestler, but that was when she was teaching in Georgia, USA. Therefore, at a guess, I'd say it's just you haven't spent enough time in the deep south.
6/ Lost his mind seems unlikely. What he said was truthful, just not politically correct.
7/ Because a) they think they can get away with it, and b) it makes them feel good about themselves. The test of morality, in my opinion, is what people do when they think no-one is watching.
8/ I certainly won't notice due to the absence of said operating system.
Ok, very late to this, but ROTFLMFAO
"A: Rumor has it that sexual congress with another person leading to orgasm is stupendously pleasurable."
That said, as far as Bill's behaviour goes, I agree with Rob. Tiger, well, no-one voted for him. He is what he is because he is very very good at his sport, not because of his ethics.