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Saturday 5 November 2011

Fun Things To Do In Auckland

Last weekend we went to Tree Adventures out in Woodhill Forest and had a great time. I have a considerable fear of heights and still had a great time. This would be a great outdoor activity for anyone over the age of six or seven. I'm already looking forward to going back.

Tonight is Guy Fawke's Day. It's the first fine November 5 for a few years so we did what I've always wanted to do: walk up Mt Eden and watch fireworks from there. I was a bit worried there might be crazy drunk people letting off fireworks, but that wasn't a problem. The only problem was that it was a bit cold (just dress warmly). Other than that it was fantastic. You can see people's fireworks in their back yards all over Auckland, it's quite magical. The nearest major fireworks show tonight was in Waitakere, and although distant it was very clearly visible from Mt Eden and lovely to watch. There were probably two or three hundred people up there --- not too crowded, and almost all very well behaved. There were a few people letting off their own fireworks, and one guy lost control of one in the carpark, but it wasn't a big deal. Probably any of Auckland's volcanic cones would give a good experience --- highly recommended.


Ken Sebben
Huh. I didn't know New Zealand did anything for Guy Fawkes' night. Is that the major fireworks night for the year? Do any effigies get burnt? Nothing burns like an effigy.
Yes, it's the major fireworks night for the year. No effigies.