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Monday 12 February 2007

Now Witness...

... the firepower of this fully armed and operational Mozilla office.

Well OK, it isn't all that. But it'll do.

Mozilla office


Who's that on the photo if I may ask?
Tom Spivey
Hi, is that you "doublec"?
Cheers Tom (tempest)
Get to the store and buy a ton of snacks. C'mon roc. You can probably pull off getting a massage chair too.
Jeff Walden
Hire at will, O'Callahan?
Wher r all teh pipes (are they Down Under)? You need phat conetcnions 2 the Intertubes 4 our nightly upd8s!
I'm amazed you can keep text runs straight without a wallboard and color coded markers for each platform's API layer.
Chris Double
Yep, that's me, doublec, Tom :)
Colin Coghill
Hrm, you get your furniture from the same place as us.
Add a coffee machine and you'll have all you need to take over (this part of) the world!
- Colin