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Wednesday 29 June 2016

Nexus 5X vs Wettest June Hour In Auckland's History

I had lunch with a friend in Newmarket today. I walked there from home, but it was raining so I half-ran there holding my phone and keys under my jacket. Unfortunately when I got there I was only holding my keys :-(. I ran around a bit looking for the phone, couldn't find it, and decided lunch with my friend was more important.

So later I walked home, keeping an eye out for my phone in vain --- during which it was really pouring; activated the Android Device Manager locator; drove to where it said the phone was; looked around (still raining) but couldn't find it and couldn't activate the ring (due to not having a phone!); drove home and activated the "call me when you find this phone" screen. Not long after that a miracle happens: a kid calls me on the phone. Not only has he found it and is willing to wait on the street for fifteen minutes while I drive back to pick it up, but the phone still works despite having been out in the rain for the wettest June hour in Auckland's history. Seriously, on my way home there were torrents of water in the gutters and whole streets were flooded. Congratulations to LG and Google, thanks to God the phone wasn't simply washed away, and thanks to the Grammar boys who found it and waited for me. (The latter I was able to thank directly by giving them my copy of China Mieville's wonderful The City And The City.)