Friday, 26 November 2010

Most Unusual Rugby Commentary

This is very weird. French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy writes about the recent rugby match between Ireland and the All Blacks ... in exactly the style you'd expect from a French philosopher. It's cool yet slightly annoying ... again, as you'd expect from a French philosopher!


  1. Actually, BHL is all but a philosopher :)évy#Criticisms
    And his texts written in French are even more painful to read...

  2. BHL is not a philosopher, although he claims to be one.
    This is easy to demonstrate. A common (admittedly flawed yet helpful nonetheless) way to measure the influence of a given scholar is to find out how often he or she is cited by his peers. BHL appears in the popular media, and particularly on television, all the [expletive] time. He is cited in scholarly literature about ... never.
    Therefore his peers are not philosophers, they are TV pundits.
    I won't go into the details of his political orientation (neocon with occasional leftist populist outbursts would be a good summary), but to give you an idea of the intellectual magnitude of the man, consider this: one of his latest tomes presented as facts quotes from a satirical essay. He evidently did not realize it was tongue in cheek. Before you venture to credit him with a shred of benefit of the doubt, said satire was titled "Landru, precursor of feminism?"
    Landru ( was a famous early XXth century serial killer of women.

  3. It hurts to see BHL taken as representative of French philosophers abroad!

  4. Robert O'Callahan26 November 2010 at 22:17

    Good to know. Someone better tell!

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