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Monday 14 February 2005

Asiana III

Over the weekend we went looking for Chinese shops in Howick and Pakuranga, where lots of Asian immigrants live. Mostly by luck we located the Somerville shopping centre, which has about 50 mostly Chinese restaurants and other vendors. Very cool and lots to explore. We ended up at Peninsula Cafe, a Hong Kong-style cafe where we had a delicious meal of ox-brisket on fried noodles and pork schnitzel. The milkshake with crushed pineapple was new to me, and I recommend it! Too bad it's all about 30 minutes drive from home.

On Saturday we had yumcha lunch at Sunshine with family. I continue to be impressed and I'm quite confident it's better than anything in New York.

I forgot to mention that last weekend we had lunch at Happy Valley in Newmarket, yet another Hong Kong-style cafe. It was Janet's favourite place when she lived here ten years ago, and it's still in good form. Recommended.