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Monday 8 August 2011

Blog Update

After years of service from mozillazine.org (thanks Jason!), I moved my blog to robert.ocallahan.org. Having it hosted under my own domain name makes it more future-proof, but since I don't want to run my own server, I'm using Blogger to host it. Unlike mozillazine.org, Blogger doesn't let you upload any old content, but I've worked around that by putting images and other content on www.ocallahan.org hosted by Google Sites. Getting this setup working and my content migrated was a bit of a pain but it seems to be working well now. I worked with Jason to put in redirects from all the old articles to their new locations.

Blogger seems pretty good. Unlike Wordpress, they give me free hosting under my own domain name. The design options are very flexible, and the stats pages are nice. We'll see how it goes, but so far, so good.


Bill Gianopoulos
I have the entire opposite approach. I am running my own server, but don't really do blogging, as I am not sure I have that much to say that anyone else would be interested in.
Jesse Ruderman
"Unlike Wordpress, they give me free hosting under my own domain name." I assume you're referring to wordpress.com the host, not wordpress the open-source software. I believe you can get wordpress hosted for free using dreamhostapps.com.