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Sunday 15 August 2010

Auckland Food

For cheap tasty food, BBQ King on Wyndham Street West is hard to beat. Today I went there with family and based on past experience, we ordered only two dishes for four people, "BBQ pork and crispy pork stirred noodle" for $13.50 and "seafood fried rice" for $12. After eating the free soup and then dividing the first dish among four of us, we were pretty much satisfied, so boxed the second dish and brought it home. Crazy!

Tragically, my favourite Chinese restaurant in the city --- Sunshine --- closed several months ago. I can understand when a bad restaurant goes under, but not a good one; the imperfections of a market economy! But I have heard rumours that a new Chinese restaurant has taken its place. This needs investigation.

Daikoku Teppanyaki on Quay St is now open for lunch seven days a week. The $13.50 lunch special is still great value.

Around Newmarket: Happy Valley, the Chinese cafe, has closed down. That's sad, since they'd been serving pretty good food since the early 90s.

The Organic Pizza Co.'s $10 lunch specials are pretty good. Their pizzas are about as good as Archie's, but you get a free drink and the place is far less crowded.

Selera, Night Spice, Crazy Noodle and Dee Jai are frequent targets of visits from the Mozilla office, as is the food court under the Rialto carpark. The actual Rialto food court next to the cinema seems to be declining --- two outlets have closed recently --- but they still have the only Subway in the area. We'd go to Hansan more but we're too lazy to walk there except for special occasions.

Pearl Garden still the best yum cha in Newmarket, followed by Sun World and Sunnytown. There's a new place whose name escapes me over near Davis Crescent; not bad, but not great. I need to try it again.


Chris Pearce
The Rialto food court was renovating, they've added a new Indian stall to fill one of the vacant stalls. There's now only one vacant stall.