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Thursday 29 November 2007

A New Antipodean Free Software Outpost

Yesterday a Telecom engineer managed to connect some wires in the new office to a live phone line, so today we moved into 8 Kent St. I'm really excited about this. It gives us a lot more space and the location is great. We celebrated the move with lunch at the fabulous Hansan Vietnamese restaurant in Nuffield St. (I can't recommend that place enough --- cheap, tasty, filling, and great milkshakes!)

As you can see from the photos below, we still have quite a bit of unpacking to do, plus we need to buy some items and clean things up a bit. We also need to settle the all-important question of where to put our "Fathead" four-foot Firefox logo sticker.

Michael Ventnor arrived on Saturday from Brisbane to work full time with us for the summer, probably focused on Linux chrome. He certainly picked an interesting week to arrive!

In the picture below, our office is on the second floor from above the "8 Kent St" sign to the rightmost end of the building. Yes, we could open those doors but we haven't figured out a use for them yet! There is not a ten-pin bowling alley above the office, that's another building and I think the bowling alley has been replaced by a car park.

View outside 8 Kent St

Here's the main room of the interior. Clockwise from left are Michael Ventnor, Karl Tomlinson, Chris Pearce and Matthew Gregan. Chris Double was out; I'll try to get a better group shot tomorrow when he's around. There's a meeting room behind the partition on the left and there's additional space where I'm standing, beside the high-altitude doors in the first photo. Looking out from those doors (to the right of this photo) you can see in the distance the summit of Mt Eden and also the towers of the main Auckland Grammar School building (my old high school!). I'll get a photo of that.

Inside 8 Kent St


Gen Kanai
I don't know when it will be but I look forward to visiting MozNZ!
The bowling alley was built on top of the car parking building. I'm pretty sure it's still open for business.