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Sunday 2 March 2014

Te Henga Walkway

On Saturday we finally did the Te Henga Walkway from Bethell's Beach to Goldie's Bush. I've wanted to do it for a long time but it's not a loop so you need multiple cars and a bit of planning. This weekend we finally got our act together with some friends and made it happen.

We dropped a car off at the end of Horseman Rd, at Goldie's Bush, and everyone continued to the start of the track at Bethell's Beach. The track goes over the hills with quite a bit of up-and-down walking but consistently excellent views of the ocean, beaches, cliffs and bush. It's a bit overgrown with gorse in places. After reaching Constable Rd, we walked along a bit and entered the west end of Goldie's Bush, walking through to the carpark on the other side. All the drivers got into our car and we dropped them off at the Bethell's end so they could bring their cars back to Horseman Rd to pick up everyone else.

Oddly, we were a bit slower than the nominal time for the Te Henga Walkway (signs say 3-4 hours, but we took a bit over 4 including our lunch break), but actually considerably faster than the nominal time for Goldie's Bush (signs say 2 hours, we took less than an hour). I would have expected to be slower on the later part of the walk when we were more tired.