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Friday 24 February 2017

306 Points In "Lords Of Waterdeep"

A new record for our household.

It was a three-player "long" game. Nine Plot Quests is probably too many but they were good value and created a lot of synergies. The most important quest was Shelter Zhentarim Agents, which I completed first; I probably drew about 15 corruption during the game, so had a constant supply of Intrigue cards, and with only two other players I was able to play two or three Intrigues per round (a couple of buildings with play-Intrigue helped). I also completed Seize Citadel Of The Bloody Hand early and Recruit Lieutenant in the fourth round.

I discovered a nice trick after completing Fence Goods For Duke Of Darkness and building Hall Of The Three Lords: arrange to have three or four turns in a row (the Lieutenant usually plays last after the other players have placed their agents, then you can reassign agents from Waterdeep Harbor), then place an agent on Hall Of The Three Lords and place three rogues on three vacant action spaces for ten victory points. In your following turns, place your agents on those action spaces and scoop your rogues back up as well as taking the benefit of the action; Fence Goods For Duke Of Darkness gives you two gold for each one, so you get a bonus six gold. If one or two of those action spaces are The Librarium or other buildings that let you take resources and place additional resources elsewhere for your next agent to pick up, so much the better.