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Sunday 11 May 2008


It's great to spend a whole day talking about computer science with someone who is far better at it than I am. It's super-great when she's a old friend. No other method for restoring humility is nearly as much fun.


Hmmm, I'm not digging the column layout in this case. I'm on FF3 beta 5, and I'm seeing this laid out in 5 one-line columns.
I guess that's probably how it was specified, but it does look pretty strange.
Lars Gunther
And who was it? A woman who is truly great at computer science deserves a bit of fame. Female students need role models.
Yeah, the layout is kind of awkward for these short posts... I think CSS3 needs something along the lines of "min-column-height".
Philip Chee
I thought it was an attempt at posey.