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Friday 24 April 2009


On Sunday I'm heading off to California for the Mozilla Corporation all-hands meeting. I'll be in the Bay Area from Sunday afternoon until the evening of May 6, arriving back in NZ on the morning of May 8 thanks to crossing the date line. It should be fun! I'll be online at times and should be able to keep up with my regular code reviewing and other duties.


Have a good trip and make sure to convince Moz management to push SVG even harder (Firefox is way behind all* other browsers nowadays).
And as the Moz office is very near to it, don't forget to mention SVG Open. Call for participation: http://svgopen.org/2009/participate.shtml
* forgetting about IE, like more and more people do
Mark Thomson
Hopefully one of the Pacific carriers will eventually get their act together and install wifi so you can be online while you're travelling.
...happily reading your blog on my Friday night Delta flight from Atlanta to Chicago :-).