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Monday 9 November 2020

Pernosco Now Available For Individual Developers

We're pleased to announce that Pernosco is now available to individual developers!

Each Github account gets five free submissions. After that you can subscribe for 20 USD per month for 5 submissions per month or 30 USD for 5 "carry-over" submissions that don't expire. Workflow: make a recording with rr, then submit the recording to Pernosco with the pernosco-submit tool and credentials obtained from the Pernosco account page.

Pernosco supports x86-64 ELF binaries with DWARF debuginfo — e.g. C/C++/Rust — and V8 JS (in some configurations, e.g. Node, Chromium).

Experience how much better debugging can be, and contact us with any questions!

Update We've added a new "volume subscription plan" for individual users: 50 submissions per month for $50. This should make it easier to not think about rationing.