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Tuesday 15 July 2008

ROC Scheduled Maintenance - Wednesday 16/7/2008 to Sunday 20/7/2008

It's the school holidays and our family's going down to Wellington for a few days for fun. We plan to fly down and take the train back, hopefully scoring great views both ways of the wintry volcanic plateau. (One of my more enduring early memories is seeing that area from the train, covered in snow.) In Wellington we plan to visit the Te Papa museum, which none of us have ever seen, and there should be plenty of other fun things to do.

I am going up to visit Victoria University briefly to talk to some people there. That should be a lot of fun too. Technically it might count as work, but it's the only work I'll be doing, since I will not be taking my laptop nor any other device I would use for Internet communication, so don't expect any response from me along the usual channels. I believe I'm pretty much on top of things at the moment, so hopefully no-one will be inconvenienced.

OK I probably lied in the last paragraph --- I won't be able to completely stop thinking about browser engines. Sigh. Definitely a sign of spiritual weakness.