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Thursday 7 June 2012

To Beijing

I'm planning to be in Beijing next week. I've been invited to give a talk at the International Symposium on Memory Management 2012. It's colocated with PLDI, ECOOP and various workshops --- a key destination for my former colleagues in computer science research --- so I'm looking forward to hanging out with a lot of old friends and a few other Mozillians. Hopefully I'll learn something about what's going on in the field, too. Although I'll probably be stuck in the hotel most of the time, I will have some time to see a bit of Beijing and I'm very much looking forward to that as well.

I should have some connectivity but the onslaught of computer scientists is expected to crush local Internet service, so I don't expect much!


Welcome :-)
Was good seeing you in Beijing. I found the network to work pretty well most of the time, although the left-hand side of ballroom A was a bit dead. I'm wondering about whether computer scientists still trash networks. This certainly used to be true a few years ago, because usage would be much higher than average. But I don't think it should be true anymore; indeed, computer scientists might use less bandwidth than other people these days (watching fewer videos?) ssh connections don't use that much bandwidth, either, and going through a proxy should also provide compression.